The Responsibilities of Godparents

Godparents are witnesses.  They are witnesses to their Godchild’s baptism and they are witnesses to our Lord Jesus Christ and have a responsibility to teach their Godchild about Jesus and aid and support them in their spiritual formation and growth.  Godparents can do this through living a life of love, in obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible, doing what is right according to Jesus Christ’s teaching and example, as well as through their words and instruction.  

Godparents are to take an active role in the life of their Godchildren.  They are to pray for them, their family and home that they would, in the case of a child,come to know Jesus Christ for themselves, and profess their own statement of faith, and to guide,support, love and encourage them in their journey of faith.  Even if the Godparents do not see their Godchildren regularly, they should remember them often praying that God’s grace would be with them and lead them through good and ill.

Being a Godparent is like being a second mother or father to the Godchild.  It means being their true friend in this life, whilst pointing always to the eternal life that only God can give.  It means above all things, being a witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.