Promises made by God parents or Sponsors

Promises made by the Godparents or Sponsors

God parents or sponsors of the person being baptised also make a promise as follows:

Do you promise to pray for ‘A’, and his/her home and family, and to support him/her as you are able as a minister of Christ’s love?

Promises Made by the Congregation

The congregation present during the baptism also make a promise as follows:

As a community of faith, representing the whole Church, do you welcome ‘A’ and promise to share with him/her what you yourselves have received, the gift of God’s love revealed Should you feel that you are not able to fulfill the responsibility that comes with Infant Baptism, or if you feel that it is important to delay Baptism until your child is old enough to make their own profession of faith, then the church can offer a ‘Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing for the Gift of a Child,’ where we give thanks to God for the birth of the child, bless the child, and dedicate the parents, and Godparents to God so they may be equipped to provide a Christian home and bring the child up in the faith of Jesus and we ask God to bless the child.

Further details are available on request.